Plastic Surgery for Love?

Dear Diva, My husband and I have a great relationship, we have been together for 4 years. Since I had our daughter a few years ago, I have had some trouble losing the baby weight to get my old figure back. What’s even more troublesome, after I stopped breast feeding- my breasts, which were small […]

Is Sexual Compatibilty Important?

Dear Diva, I met a great guy a few months ago and we have been seeing each other more and more since then. We finally took the big step (sex) about a week and a half ago, twice more since, and I thought it was great. But when we saw each other last time, he […]

The “Relationship Simulator” Patent Pending

We all know that I love to fly- Even before the “awakening” (discovery flight), I thought most rules for flying made perfect sense. What’s great to me about flying today is simulators. You can go ahead and simulate a dangerous situation so that if you kill yourself you don’t really die…This is scientific brilliance, and […]

Happily Married…bored in bed…?

Dear Diva, I have been happily married for three years. During that time we have had a great sex life, but lately the sex seems well, remote almost, like we just do it just to be doing it. I mean I still get off most of the time- at this point he knows how to […]

Online dating more trouble than its worth?

Dear Diva, I have been trying to use online dating to meet men. It seems like it may be more trouble than its worth! Sometimes, I feel like I am trying to find a needle in a haystack. Sorting through all the people and writing and replying, only for nothing to ever really materialize. Does […]

Avoiding men with a fear of commitment…

Dear Diva, How do you spot the guys that are commitment phobic before you get involved with them? I seem to constantly attract this sort of guy… and I was trying to find out if there was some sort of signal or personality they have that is universal to the commitment- phobe. This way I […]

The Kiss…

So someone asked me the other day if I could write at least 200 words about one single kiss. You know I can’t resist a dare…Here goes: The Kiss It was just a kiss Yet every detail is etched in my mind. I experienced it with each of my senses. Your hands, strong on the […]

Alone for the holidays, what do I do?

Dear Diva, I am a single, 36 year old female. My parents have passed and I have no siblings. My closest relatives live 3 states away. I hate the holiday season because I don’t have anyone special to share the day with. In the past when I have been invited to friends homes, I have […]

I can’t stand her parents!

Dear Diva, I met a terrific girl and we have been dating for almost a year. I think she might be the “One”. I would have already proposed by now, but one thing…I can’t stand her parents! …I know it sounds terrible but they really drive me crazy. Her mother complains non-stop, even  when we […]

When does flirting become cheating?

Diva- I love my boyfriend, but there is a man in my office that I am really attracted to…He knows I am in an exclusive relationship and I speak of my boyfriend at work. There has always been this chemistry between me and this guy though. We work really well together and there is just this […]