Plastic Surgery for Love?

Dear Diva,
My husband and I have a great relationship, we have been together for 4 years. Since I had our daughter a few years ago, I have had some trouble losing the baby weight to get my old figure back. What’s even more troublesome, after I stopped breast feeding- my breasts, which were small to begin with are now small AND sagging!… I thought because they were small I wouldn’t have those sagging problems. Anyway, my husband is in great shape and works out regularly. I am worried that he will start to look at other women. I talked to him last week about how frustrating it was to see my figure suffering so much and he suggested maybe a little lipo and a breast lift! I hadn’t really thought about it before, I want to stay sexy for him. Would you have surgery to keep your man happy?
Surgery Should I in Sagebrush

Dear Make-you-happy-first,
Yes, I would consider “getting some work done”. No, I would not do it to keep my man happy.
OK, let me go further. I personally feel that in a relationship, folks have certain obligations to each other. Looking your best is one of them. I am the opposite of a lot of women out there in that I tend to focus even more on looking my best when in a relationship rather than when I am single and on the “hunt”. I feel like letting myself go to hell would be a deal breaker. It would be for me. Not so much because of a vanity thing. If a man I loved was scarred up in a car wreck, or had an illness- that would not be the same as if he just let himself go because he didn’t care enough about me or the relationship. See the difference? I try to give back what I expect. I am conscious of the fact that part of “what good looks like to him” when he signed up for the relationship was the way I look/present myself.

Now with all that being said- If your sole reason for getting a procedure is to keep him happy, I do not agree. One should ultimately do such a thing because they want to for themselves. If YOU also like the idea of how you would look with a boob lift, or a tummy tuck- that’s great. If, however, you feel like your boobs are just great the way they are and you think some quality time doing crunches at the gym will be fine for your tummy- then do that. Your husband will look at other women until the day he dies. There will always be a plethora of other women out there to look at, and there should be more to your relationship than just your boobs. We are also talking about surgery here, there are risks involved with that. You have to ask yourself if those risks are worth it to you.

I can’t tell you that I will never have work done. I may one of these days, but probably nothing too drastic, and I will attempt the old-fashioned diet and excercise first. If I am not excited about doing it for myself- I won’t. What do you all think on this? Guys, would you have plastic surgery to keep a girl happy?
Love, Diva