The Kiss…

So someone asked me the other day if I could write at least 200 words about one single kiss. You know I can’t resist a dare…Here goes:

The Kiss

It was just a kiss
Yet every detail is etched in my mind. I experienced it with each of my senses.

Your hands, strong on the back of my neck- Your fingers, entwined in my hair…pulling just hard enough to show me how much you want me.

You breathe me into you, to shelter me, protect me from the rest of the world as it falls away around us. At the same time your eyes search for a way to climb into my very soul through the portal of my lips- so we will become one for that moment.

I feel your breath before your lips touch mine, and each part of me feels the glorious ache of anticipation before connection. When it happens, my mental defenses crumble and I submit to you and your desire to possess me.

Your lips are soft, yet rough with the strength of your passion. Your tongue, exploring what has become yours- that few others have owned before. I suck on your bottom lip in an effort to bring you deeper into me.

The unwelcome sound startles me. My eyes fly open at my desk
As my Assistant asks “Karla, are you sleeping? Don’t you have a client at 2 O’clock?”