The “Relationship Simulator” Patent Pending

We all know that I love to fly- Even before the “awakening” (discovery flight), I thought most rules for flying made perfect sense. What’s great to me about flying today is simulators. You can go ahead and simulate a dangerous situation so that if you kill yourself you don’t really die…This is scientific brilliance, and allows you to see- “Ok if I do this- that happens” and you figure out that things that seemed like good ideas at the time didn’t come out so good.

Now I am, well thought I was, a woman that liked to think of herself as one that was great at avoiding catastrophes by thinking ahead. So I need to find a way to create a “Relationship Simulator”. This will allow you to simulate things with your relationship so you can avoid crashes. For example “What will happen if I sleep with this man even though we haven’t said we are exclusive…” Big red lights start to flash, and the simulator starts shaking-Ohhhh crash. Or maybe there could be a first date simulator where if you bring up your ex or even say the WORD marriage, it shuts right down. ”How bout if I score a guy sold out tickets to see his favorite band in Madison Square Garden- and tell him go with his friends for his birthday.” No crash- you get to walk off the plane. Maybe one could earn type ratings for that particular situation, they way one is rated for specific aircraft. Men sometimes are like airplanes when all is good the reward is a simple landing with no drama, no pain. Not crashing is a reward in and of itself.

See with the simulator you can preview the consequences, and actually practice and train yourself to take the appropriate action in a situation. Maybe we could add additional plug ins as we go, like a “His best friend is a (hot) girl” plug in. Or how about a “His friend is a pig”, or ” He is going to a bachelor party- in Vegas” Ya see, when people are in emotional situations they revert back to their training- the simulator will train you make the correct relationship call when these things come up. I love it. Patent Pending.
Don’t ask me how I think of the stuff- I just do. It’s an art.