We don’t need no stinking gurus. Simple. We like that!

NO Sales pitch disguised as “dating tips”. You don’t need a credit card just to be here.   We don’t send you 3 newsletters aka solicitations per day. This is YOUR dating advice site! Read the articles, comment and offer your own advice, ask questions… Check out our Suggestion Box- tell me what you would like a dating advice site to do, to have. Tell us what your favorite ice cream is, or your favorite band- just come on in and make some friends!  I’m no guru, but think we can handle this dating stuff!

“Like havin’ coffee with your big sister!”…
When I first started writing dating advice on Examiner, I felt horribly unqualified. I have made enough dating mistakes for both of us! I went looking for dating info- the gurus, the speakers, the experts-
All telling me what a dumbass I had been previously- how they could save my dating life for the low price of ALOT, and pontificating on how complex this all was – thereby making themselves neccessary to navigate poor little single me through the overwhelming waters of dating and relationships (For the low price of ALOT) I finally cried “Bullsh**”! I learned in college to break overwhelming subjects into 3 parts- and then just explain the parts. I did this to dating problems. I found that all the questions I got from readers, and in my own dating mistakes and adventures it boiled
down to 3 main points:

1. Know what good looks like to you.
2. Put yourself in a position to find good
3. Know when to fold ‘em.

I applied this to my own life and the advice I gave readers. My life was simple- I was no
longer stressed at all about dating, realtionships etc… The 3 Point Plan© was born.

We can do this dating thing together! We don’t need no stinking gurus. I won’t mail you stuff you haven’t even ordered and charge you for it! I don’t have a “Super-Duper Cure” for your dating woes that costs  you a bunch of money. You don’t have to buy hours of audio or video. I don’t want you to over analzye everything so I can sell you more stuff. Just fun SIMPLE advice from my 3-Point Plan.

If you need  a psych doctor, or therapist, I am neither of those things. In fact I am quite flawed, but I am real- just like you. I am a bit short, could lose a pound or two, have some baggage hanging around. Love has kicked my ass a few times.  After said ass kicking-  my girlfriends made me a bet to try online dating for 6 months. I ended up writing a fiction novel, LOOSELY based on the experience, next thing you know I was a columnist!

Sure The 3 Point Plan can be expanded upon. I do host workshops on this- they are for 3 hours and don’t cost a million dollars. I wont drive you crazy begging you to come to one. You can simply write in and ask questions here, but I hear they are useful in just getting the mindset to simplify your dating life. I did write a novel, and I hope you read it, check it out, laugh a bit, but buying it is not a requirement of this site either!

I recently moved some of my most common questions from my other home at the Examiner… so that you could see some previous readers questions and answers. You’ll find all this on “Your dating questions answered” link. Please feel free to write in your own questions, leave comments and of course, forward, tweet, or digg any of these columns.


This is just one Diva’s opinion, and I may not always be right- but I try to give good, real, advice!  The blog page is just for my own personal yammering and just to write general stuff. I hope you enjoy the column and the site. Also feel free to Add me as a friend on Facebook, and become a fan on Dating Diva’s page!

PS- OK OK If you really WANT to give me your credit card number thats ok- Buy the book or sign up for a workshop, but this site will ALWAYS be free to use and participate in!!! Love, Diva